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Robot ASCII Serial Command Interpreter (RASCI)

Above is a TJ Pro Robot using RASCI, a handheld, color processing software, and a dozer bumper.

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Robot ASCII Serial Command Interpreter (RASCI)

This product provides two compiled, almost identical, programs, <tjphh05.s19> and the <tjphhdb5.s19> with their C source code, <tjphh05.c> and the <tjphhdb5.c> . The source code cannot be compiled or modified and recompiled without the
ARGOS distribution software libraries*. These programs permit an external Host computer to control the robot by sending ASCII character strings to the robot's serial interface via an MB2325 communications board. The robot responds to the commands by executing motor operations or sending sensory and other robot data back to the Host computer. A Host application has complete real-time control of the robot and can enable any robot behavior with appropriate Host programming.
*Purchased separately.

When downloaded onto the TJ Pro robot, the program <tjphh05.s19> enables the robot to respond to ASCII command strings sent by a Host processor via the RS232 bus link. This capability enables a hand-held processor, such as the PALM or HandSpring, to serve as a Host processor that supports sophisticated artificial intelligence and robot vision. The small size of the hand-held enables you to mount it with an MB2325 board and serial connector directly onto the TJ Pro robot, making the whole system self-contained and unencumbered by umbilical connections. The TJ Pro microcontroller executes the commands sent by the Host including request for robot sensor and data information. The source code to the RASCI is provided and enables the user to add commands and hardware expansions and recompile the RASCI, as long as the ARGOS distribution libraries are available*.
*Purchased separately.

The other program <tjphhdb5.s19>, when downloaded into the robot and executed, allows the user to interactively control all the robot resources as well as examine all robot sensory and memory information from a PC keyboard using a standard Mekatronix robot serial connection configuration.

TJ Pro robot
MB2325 Communications Board
Serial Cable from Host to MB2325 Communication Board
6-wire C2325 cable from MB2325 to the robot serial interface
High Speed Serial Downloader (HSSDL11 or other) for downloading
the RASCI ".S19" files into the TJ Pro memory.

Also available for Purchase to enable PALM Hosting
PALM Cradle
PALM Serial cable and connectors
Code Warrior Software
C and C++ compilers for PALM plus PALM OS 3.0 and complete documentation in ADOBE pdf format.

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PALM application programs will be available at the beginning of next year.

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