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THE BEST OPTION: Discussion and Help Group:
This group is monitored by engineers, manufacturers, technical folks and people like you! They are all there to ask, answer, and help each other. If you would like to join, e-mail: from your e-mail address and put subscribe in the subject line. OR you can go to:

For technical support, contact the manufacturer of the product you purchased or the answer to most questions can be found here on the web site (current price or what goes with what). If you can't find your answer there, you should post your question on the BBS.

Another good place to find answers is to download the manual associated with your product from the manufacturer's website.

For technical questions & specs about Mekatronix brand products, first download the associated Mekatronix Manual. If that doesn't help try the Meka FAQs or their 68HC11 downloads page, or the robotics discussion group, or OR

For technical questions & specs about Sharp optical products, see their website or check the Mr Robot downloads page for spec sheets

Mr Robot Customer Support

If you have questions or suggestions about your order including order status, billing, shipments, etc, e-mail us: robotsales (make sure to add @

If you want to chat about anything and have AIM (AOL's Instant Messanger) check to see if a Sales Rep is online by adding RobotSupport to your "Buddy List"

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